Public servants have job stability and ease in proving income. These characteristics are the dream of financial consumption: they guarantee that the credit granted will be paid on time, with no unforeseen in the income. In this way, workers of the Federal, State or Municipal public sphere count on numerous advantages in obtaining a financing.

The benefits for public employees are possible for real estate financing. Considering that the modality is preferred by Brazilians, the advantages are the greater ease of credit approval, lower interest rates, higher payment terms and lower entry values.

Who are the donors?


Who are the donors?


All banks offer real estate financing, and most have special conditions for civil servants. In order for you to know the most advantageous, we have listed five financials. Check out!


Federal Savings Bank


Federal Savings Bank

Civil servants have access to lower interest rates than those offered to Caixa’s other customers. The percentage of the value of the property is also higher: for new properties, up to 90% of the cost can enter the installment, while for used, the rate is 80%. For other consumers, the percentages are 70%.

The simulation of costs and installments can be made by Caixa’s website, and confirmed by attendance at an agency. With proof of data, the bank will offer differentiated interest rates.

Only real estate within the Financial System of Housing (SFH) enter into the possibility of financing.

Bank of Brazil


BB’s special line allows public servants of companies that are contracted to the bank to finance up to 80% of the total value of the property. The consumer can be an accountant of the institution, and will have his interest rate calculated according to his monthly income.

Servers who can prove more stable income usually win more interesting conditions.


The advantages to the servers in Santander are in the possibility of negotiating the terms of payment, in addition to lower interest rates.

As with other banks, it is interesting to go to the agency for a full simulation.




The percentage of the interest rate in Bradesco varies according to the server’s public service category (municipal, state or federal). The terms of payment are also differentiated, defined after the analysis of the conditions of the candidate for funding.


Daycoval Bank


The alternative financing to public servants at Daycoval is recorded. Lower interest rates and longer payment terms are attractive, and benefits are directly discounted on the employee’s payroll, whether it is municipal, state, or federal.


Important Tips!

Important Tips!

Check out these tips that the Low Interest has separated for you and do not miss the time to finance your property.

Know the financing lines


Real estate financed by public servants can cost up to R $ 950 thousand in the Housing Finance System.

The credit possibilities offered to public servants are not different from those offered to the general population. Thus, real estate financed through the Housing Finance System can be estimated at up to R $ 950 thousand (in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Distrito Federal), or R $ 800 thousand in the rest of Brazil. In this possibility, the use of the Buyer’s FGTS is only allowed when the resources correspond to at least 10% of the total value of the property.

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As for the properties of the Financial Real Estate System (SFI), there is no maximum value for the purchase of the property, but neither the FGTS nor amounts of the Savings can be used.

There will be credit analysis


Even if you have greater security of payment of the financing installments, the bank seeks to be sure of its credit capacity. For this, he will use the consultation in systems such as the Centralization of Banking Services (Serasa) and Credit Protection Service (SPC). If your name is “dirty”, it is interesting to seek to regularize the problem before requesting funding.

In order to apply for the loan, it is also essential to choose the amount that the consumer can afford. Only 30% of the monthly income of the consumer can be compromised with the payment of the installments.

Choose regular property


Before approving the financing, the bank will make a physical inspection of the property, verifying its housing conditions. The financial will also analyze the regularity of the property documents, such as Habite-se and deed. The ideal is to choose property that has no pending in these issues, or the credit may not be approved.

Look for housing programs

Look for housing programs


Federal and State Governments promote affordable housing programs that guarantee access to housing. Many of them bring even more interesting conditions to public servants. Knowing and analyzing the possibilities can bring savings and speed in the financing process.


Maintain good relationship with the bank


Maintain good relationship with the bank


It is not necessary to open an account at the bank where funding is sought, but the possibility can be useful. This is because the bank will already have knowledge of their income and financial movements, generating confidence in offering credit.

Maintaining open channel of communication with the manager is also essential, cherishing negotiation and conversation when in doubt. Thus, problems will be avoided.

Read the agreement carefully

Compulsory insurance will be requested


Before accepting an agreement, read the contract details and be sure to understand it. It will list your rights and duties as financed, fees, fines and other charges.

Compulsory insurance will be requested


Housing insurance has compulsory hiring regardless of the financing. Values ​​are diluted in monthly installments.

For all financing, the financial institution requests the adhesion to Housing Insurance. The resource brings guarantees to the buyer of possession, and to the bank, offering coverage of three situations: death, permanent disability and physical damage to the property.

The insurance is demanded so that, even with any unforeseen, the financial receives the values ​​referring to the credit that granted. In the same way, the resident is protected from damage to the property caused by natural disasters, and can reform the space if necessary.

Knowing the financing lines and following these tips, you, civil servant, only have to win!

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