75% of those surveyed (owner-occupiers and investors) regard the interest rate level in the first half of 2014 as very favorable to favorable and expect significant price increases in the medium term. The demand for long-term financing concepts that offer both interest rate security and repayment flexibility has increased significantly .

Since the financial crisis , there has been a clear loss of confidence in the banks , the traditional commitment to the so-called house bank has fallen sharply. Customers are becoming increasingly enlightened and informed. They are looking for independent , free and consumer-oriented advice and not selling bank products. For more than 50% of interested parties, the independent financial partner of their trust is the first point of contact for mortgage lending advice . About 1/3 of the respondents rely exclusively on their expertise and independent market comparison.

Funding and public funds are still the most requested topic in customer talks. Almost 90% of consultations put this issue first, followed by questions about long-term interest rate security , preferably over the entire life of the loan . The consultations analyzed by the experts show that in almost 95% of self-financing home ownership, it is possible to involve public funds.

A result of the “Baufi checks” of existing contracts: only 20% of the loan repayments with a special repayment option actually made special repayments . The Council of Experts , rather from the beginning choose a flexible financing , with the possibility of amortization . Reality shows that once funding runs for years, a special repayment is less appealing than a new car or vacation.


The customer remains the focus


The customer remains the focus

Another interesting result from the analysis of the contact with TGI financial partners : almost 50% of new inquiries for private real estate financing are based on customer recommendations . More than 95% of the interested parties would recommend TGI financial partners. For the financial experts of TGI Finanzpartner, this is an obligation to continue placing the customer’s interests at the center of the corporate philosophy in the long term and to meet the trust of the customers.