Practical and free, the tool allows the user to calculate the total amount to be paid on various types of debts.

Geru, online loan platform, has just launched its Digital Debt Calculator!

This calculator is service that provides in a fast, practical and totally free way, the total amount to be paid in any debt! Be it a credit card debt, overdraft, bank loan, vehicle financing and family loan …

To calculate the values, a few clicks are enough, with no need to register.

The user must provide his monthly income, type of debt, the amount he owes, how many installments he intends to pay, and the interest rate charged if he knows.

If the consumer does not know the rate, the calculator will use the average for that modality, reported by the Central Bank.

In addition, more than one debt can be added to the calculation. Thus, the policyholder can have a general visibility of the degree of their indebtedness compared to their income.

Recalling that personal finance experts recommend that debts commit a maximum of 30% of each individual ‘s income . So this is an opportunity to rethink some spending that goes beyond the financial capacity of the borrower that can lead to over-indebtedness.

“The purpose of the calculator is to assist in the financial organization of the population, so we believe that access to this type of information is extremely important for the consumer of credit, and Geru works with transparency so that, before taking a loan in the platform, the borrower is aware of the rates, term and installments that will be practiced until the end of the debt, “explains Sandro Reiss, Founder and CEO of Geru.

Finally, the platform still presents a comparison. It shows the amount and interest rate that the borrower is currently paying with what they would pay if they took out a loan at Geru.

To do this, fintech uses the average rate it usually uses, setting a scenario of refinancing these debts.


To do this, fintech uses the average rate it usually uses, setting a scenario of refinancing these debts.


The initiative aims to raise public awareness about the health of their personal finances and high interest rates in the Brazilian credit market. In addition, it offers the consumer the possibility of taking credit at cheaper interest rates through an online loan platform, an alternative that until recently was far from the reality of many Brazilians.


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